Master the art of half-assery!

What the hell is this? 
Read more to find out.

Ah, Half-Assery, it is a timeless, spiritual aspect of the human experience. I could define it but... nah... too much effort.

This website was created to celebrate the art, science, and lifestyle of Half-Assery. Here, you will find everything from ideas and advice to anecdotes and merchandise. 

This site was created by a large number of McAlear siblings who grew up in the half-assed Mecca known as small town Montana. How many McAlear siblings are there? We stopped counting in the 80's, but there are a lot of them.

With that said, allow us McAlear kids to serve as your Half-Ass svengalis. The voyage to enriching your life with Half-Assery has officially begun.

Welcome to our website


Podcasts, interviews, and a video here and there are in the near future.

June 3, 2021

The Tonight Show (pending - We haven't heard back from them yet.)



We are counting down, baby!! 

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Some poet somewheres dunn said that if you look closely, you will find beauty and kindness everywhere... or some sort of bullshit like that. Well, here at the Half-Asser's Guide, we believe that if you look closely enough, you will find half-assery everywhere... and its beautiful and kind, too.

Each section in this website will have a few podcasts, maybe some videos, and also examples of half-assery that we bumped into recently. We are always looking for bigger and better examples and would certainly entertain a pic or two from our followers. So, contact us when you find a soul-warming nugget of half-assery.  

My kid with a fake mustache

A few McAlears all dolled up for the rodeo. 

Dad's car in our home town


What people are saying about us

This website truly stands out in the field of excellence!

Bill, Guy from Tupelo, MS

I like to surf this website while sitting on the throne after my morning cup of joe.

Emma, Sexy little vixen from Kalamazoo, MI

Had I known about these guys when I was younger, I would have built two electric car companies.

Elon, Startup City, CA


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